The Lioness was formed to provide community service opportunities and to foster friendship, fellowship and mutual understanding.  As of July 2020, many of the Lioness have joined the Sussex Lions Club disbanding the separate club.

The Lions Club is always looking for new members. If you are interested in finding out about our club and donating your time or talents please contact us using the contact page on this site.

Sussex Lioness History

The Sussex Lioness organization started on June 15, 1965 with an organizational meeting. There were many meetings to follow over that summer for the Lion's wives which led to their Charter Night on Sept. 7, 1965. Sussex Lion President Willie Marx presented the charter to the club, The Lionettes Club of Sussex. The club started up with 21 enthusiastic women, all wives of Sussex Lions with Katie Manke serving as the Charter President. The club was formed to cooperate with the Lions in all their endeavors, to provide community service opportunities and to foster friendship, fellowship and mutual understanding.

One of the clubs first projects was to create and sell a cookbook titled "Lion in the Kitchen". Another early project was a bazaar at the Sussex Variety Store which raised $214.48. The second year the ladies sponsored Santa at the Sentry Store and Lunch with Santa continues today. In 1969, our club sponsored a blood bank in Sussex and several times each year we help at the local blood banks. A trip to Vision Forward (Badger Home for the Blind) has been an annual outing for our ladies to play bingo and share treats.

In 1979 at our 14th Anniversary Party, the club became The Sussex Lioness Club and then was recognized by Lions lnternational. There was now an opportunity for open enrollment, not just Lions wives. Any women who wanted to support Lionism and participate in community service were welcome. At that time there were 44 members of which 8 were original charter members. Today, we are privileged to have one charter member in our 37 member club.

In addition to some projects already mentioned, over the years the Sussex Lionesses have undertaken numerous projects many of which are ongoing.

Sussex Lioness ....... sponsored the first Senior Citizen group in Sussex, helped in a classroom for visually impaired students, award Scholarships for high school seniors, helped at corn roast and then at lions Daze, run a Taco/Ice Cream Stand at Lions Daze, raffled off a Mink Stole, sold Buttons for the Lions before the raffle tickets were used, sold brooms and light bulbs, baked cookies for Home for the Blind, Blood Bank and Fashion Show, sold homemade fancy Christmas cookies, bought paint and painted the baseball dugouts, purchased a wheel chair and special typewriter, hosts an Easter Egg Hunts for blind and visually impaired, sent "We Care" boxes for soldiers in harm's way, contribute to the food pantry, donate layettes for needy young moms, host a Fashion Show, send Christmas checks to Special Young people, and contribute to Lions Camp Rosholt, Eye Bank, Leader Bank, Bold and etc ....

The Sussex Lioness Club would not have been as successful in our undertakings if it weren't for the tremendous support of the Sussex Lions Club. We thank them for all their help over our 48 years as a service club and congratulate and compliment them on their 75 years of outstanding service to Lionism and the needs of the community.

“Together We Serve” is the motto of the Sussex Lions Club and its members

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