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Empowering Student Journalism at Hamilton High School

Charger Press

In a letter of gratitude, Sarah Kowalske, advisor of the Charger Press student online newspaper, expressed deep appreciation to the Sussex Lions for their generous donation, while also sharing the impact. The support provided by the Lions has enabled the continuation of the newspaper for another year, covering expenses such as the website domain name and hosting services. With the elimination of the need for extensive fundraising, the Charger Press club can now focus on nurturing student writers and enhancing their journalistic skills.

The impact of the Sussex Lions' contribution can be seen through the remarkable progress achieved by the Charger Press this year. Sarah shared that the student-run newspaper experienced a significant increase in site visits, unique visitors, and page views, with a remarkable 127%, 134%, and 109% growth respectively. The dedication of the 29 active staff writers resulted in nearly 300 articles published throughout the school year, covering various topics ranging from opinion pieces and student news to sports, awareness/public service, and reviews.

One notable highlight of the Charger Press's accomplishments was the recent article featuring the Sussex Lions themselves. Maya Desai, an active member of the Leo Club, interviewed Joe Gonzalez to shed light on the incredible work done by the Sussex Lions in the community. The article, titled "Sussex Lions Club: Serving the Community for 75 Years," provides an opportunity for readers to learn more about the Lions' remarkable contributions.

Thanks to the Lions' generosity, the students at Hamilton High School can continue to explore their passions for journalism and make their voices heard. The Sussex Lions' commitment to empowering student journalism serves as an inspiration and a testament to the profound impact community organizations can have on nurturing young talents.


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