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“Together We Serve” is the motto of the Sussex Lions Club and its members.
Our purpose is to create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation.

In 1939, there was a need for a fraternal and civic‑minded club in the Sussex area with a bent toward including the business community. Earlier, this had been first fulfilled by the Ashlar Lodge, then the Sussex‑Templeton Advancement Association and the Sussex Fire Department, but these had found their special niche. While the Ashlar Lodge and the Sussex Fire Department still existed, the Advancement Association had fallen by the wayside. Into this vacuum came some enterprising individuals, probably most notably the dynamic young principal of the 10-grade Sussex State Graded School, Winston Brown.

In 1939, the area was ripe for a community-oriented organization and Dave Kerr, a Hartland banker and Hartland Lions Club member, persuaded Winston Brown (who had Hartland roots) that since the area didn't have any community service group, a Lions Club could fill the void. After some discussion, Kerr and Brown met with John P. Kraemer at the Mammoth Spring Canning Co. office, and the Lions Club was born.

Kraemer and Brown, two gifted men, contacted community business and professional leaders. In a short time, 20 charter members were signed up.

The charter meeting was held April 18, 1939 with an inaugural dinner at the two-year-old Sussex Community Hall. Dr. E.C. Van Valin, a local general practitioner, was elected the first president.

Of the first 20 charter members, 10 later became presidents. The charter members who later became president were Van Valin, George Podolske, Rev. E.T DeSelms, Milton Mantz, Claude Kaderabek, Kraemer, Harry Rodgers, Albin Halquist, Henry Yuds and Roy Stier. The other charter members were Brown, Charles A. Busse, B.M. Fobes, William Hardiman, Otis Kramer, Rev. W.D. Millen, Alfred Otto, Rev. Charles Parmiter, and Lloyd Weaver.

After the initial meeting at the Sussex Community Hall, other locations in the community were used for periods of time such as, the Brook Hotel, Bernie Krueger's Tap, the Paul Relot Tavern, (Old Templeton Inn), the VFW

Jeff Gunderson
John Wenzler
First Vice President
David Giesfeldt
Second Vice President
Robin Bates
Third Vice President
Becca Van Aaken
Mark A. Tatera
David Giesfeldt
Tail Twister
Uwe Kaeding
Lion Tamer
Nate Westby
Dale Lutze
2 Year Director
Gina Gonzoles
2 Year Director
Mel Adkinson
2 Year Director
Charlene Klosterman
1 Year Director
Joanne Wanner
1 Year Director
Ken Schiller
1 Year Director
Chris Fakhar
Club Administrator

Current Board

​Over 1 Million Dollars right here in the Sussex Area!

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Sussex Lions Contributions 

The Sussex Lions Club started with 20 members in 1939 to fill a need for a community-oriented organization. Since then the club has grown considerably and continues to fill that same need. The Wisconsin Lions Foundation and the Lions Club International Foundation are dedicated to preserving eyesight, combating disability, promoting health, and serving youth.  Besides supporting the many efforts of both the Wisconsin Lions Foundation and the Lions Club International Foundation, we are dedicated to making our community a better place to live. Listed below are some of the projects and organizations we have supported throughout the years.

  • Playground Equipment at Area Parks

  • Shelters and/or Buildings at Area Parks

  • Highway cleanup

  • Lights on the Hamilton High School Football Field

  • ​Press Box at the Hamilton High School Football Field

  • Lights on the Soccer Stadium at Hamilton High School

  • Scholarships

Village of Sussex
  • Pauline Haass Library

  • Lights on the Ball Diamond at the Sussex Village Park

  • Fire Department Equipment

  • Boy Scouts

  • Girl Scouts

  • Sussex Teen Center

  • Hamilton Drug Free Night

  • Flag Football

  • Junior Prom

  • Cornea Tissue Transplants for a Sussex Resident

  • ​Southeastern Wisconsin Lions BOLD, Inc. (Blind Outdoor Leisure Development)

  • The Visually Handicapped

  • People with Diabetes

  • The Hearing Impaired

  • The Make-A-Wish Foundation

  • The Kidney Foundation

  • Hamilton Education Foundation